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  • Clear Acrylic Headphone Stand
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    Clear Acrylic Headphone Stand

    clear acrylic headphone stand 1. Shiny and Smooth 2. Sturdy and Tough 3. laser engrave or silkscreen print logoRead More
  • Acrylic Clear Donation Box
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    Acrylic Clear Donation Box

    LARGE DONATION & BALLOT BOX W/DISPLAY AREA This Donation Box is a Best Seller! Our clear acrylic large donation & ballot box is made of sturdy, clear acrylic. This acrylic donation box comes with a large display area for your fundraising message and informaion and is...Read More
  • Clear Acrylic Test Tube Rack With 6 Holes
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    Clear Acrylic Test Tube Rack With 6 Holes

    Acrylic Test Tube Rack 1 Hight transparent acrylic sheet 2 Easy use and cleaning the rack 3 Have 6 holesor customized 4 size:260mm*60mm*95mmRead More
  • Blue Acrylic Clip For New Arrival
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    Blue Acrylic Clip For New Arrival

    The clip Made of durable blue acrylic sheet Ideal for marking your new arrival shoes ,clothes in your retail store Easy to use the clip .Read More
  • Four Tier Matte Cake Stand
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    Four Tier Matte Cake Stand

    Material:matte acrylic or customized . Easy assembling: FAST and EASY assembling cake stand with no screw. Occasion : cake stand suitable for various events such as wedding , birthday party, Christmas etc. Beautifully cup cake display . perfect for lots of parties ...Read More
  • Custom Acrylic Logo Sign Display Block
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    Custom Acrylic Logo Sign Display Block

    This acrylic logo sign display block is made of 20mm high transparency acrylic. size: made according to the logo size. Idealy on desktop, and we can make wall logo sign display too. Welcome to your design and drawing. we are an OEM acrylic product manufacturer.Read More
  • Desktop Acrylic Clock
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    Desktop Acrylic Clock

    Modern DIY acrylic desktop clock, it is idealy on desk in office or home decoration. Size: 150*200*20mm. Idealy to promote your brands. materia: High tranpsarancy acrylic. We can make wall clocks too, welcome to your design and sample. Feel free to contact with us please.Read More
  • Silk Screen Printed Clear 15cm Acrylic Ruler
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    Silk Screen Printed Clear 15cm Acrylic Ruler

    This great and fashion ruler, we can print the artwork on clear acrylic, to promote your brands. and it is a good idea to present to the customers etc. Size: 15cm, or any other size that you like. Made of 3mm clear acrylic for lasting durability.Read More
  • Round Clear Acrylic Fish Tank
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    Round Clear Acrylic Fish Tank

    Clear round acrylic fish tank, it is made of 120mm or 180mm diameter with 3mm thickness acrylic tube. Diamond polish. This acrylic tank is multipopose, It can be used as candy display in supermarket, jewelry display in jewelry shop, and fish tank at home as decoration etc. We...Read More
  • Clear Magnetic Photo Frame
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    Clear Magnetic Photo Frame

    Clear magnetic photo frame Double sided display of your favorite pictures Reload your pictures easily and directly. Made from high quality AcrylicRead More
  • Acrylic Toothpick Dispenser Box
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    Acrylic Toothpick Dispenser Box

    High quality toothpick dispenser box Rotate the handle can dispenser toothpickRead More
  • Donation Box With Lock
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    Donation Box With Lock

    Clear walls:you can see how much things in the donation box. Customized LOGO:we can print any logo at the surface of charity donation box . Made from high quality acrylic . Donation box with sturdy lock .Read More
  • White Magnetic Photo Frame
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    White Magnetic Photo Frame

    photo frame Can be used as singal side frame for displaying photo photo frame is easily slide the pieces apart to update the photograph , whenever you are ready for a changeRead More
  • Clear Acrylic Flower Box
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    Clear Acrylic Flower Box

    This cute and brand new flower holder box boasts a simple and modern design. It’s the perfect mix of elegance, style and innovation Thanks to its uniqueness, you’ll give a romantic and chic twist to your room, bedroom, dressing table, restaurant, office or retail store. Make...Read More
  • Custom A5 Desktop Acrylic Free Standing Poster Holder
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    Custom A5 Desktop Acrylic Free Standing Poster Holder

    This premium acrylic stand is the ideal way to display menus or posters on a counter top. No matter what industry you're in, whether its retail, leisure, hospitality, travel or events, this style of Free Standing Poster and Menu Holder is perfect for pushing promotions,...Read More
  • Perspex 5*7 Magnetic Picture Frames
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    Perspex 5*7 Magnetic Picture Frames

    FREE STANDING CLEAR ACRYLIC PHOTO FRAME Description: The modern free standing method of displaying photos. Landscape & portrait mode. The two 8/10/12/15/18/20/25/30 millimeter thick acrylic sheets. Front panel is clear acrylic, back panel is clear or optional color. The...Read More
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