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How To Maintain The Acrylic Jewelry Display Frame

Shenzhen Mingyu Crafts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

The main points of the maintenance of the acrylic jewellery display stand include the following:

1. Jewelry exhibition racks can not be placed near the source of water, if the exhibition shelf near the water source, will lead to a serious jewelry display distortion, deformation, not only will reduce the load-bearing capacity, but also affect the appearance of the rack.

2. Acrylic Jewelry Showcase production materials are generally plexiglass and wood, should not be placed in direct sunlight place, if directly placed in the sun through a long-term exposure, will reduce the surface gloss plexiglass jewelry Showcase, seriously affect the beauty of acrylic showcase.

3. Regular cleaning of jewelry display cabinets, jewelry showcase after a long period of placement, the surface groove, corner will inevitably accumulate some dust, from the aesthetic point of view, to pay attention to regular cleaning, and in the clean do not use the texture of coarse cloth, washing powder and other strong acid alkaline detergent will also cause corrosion damage to the showcase.

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