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​Classification Of Acrylic Handicrafts

Shenzhen Mingyu Crafts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

1. Acrylic Display Stand
In some crafts, acrylic display is currently the highest sales of one of acrylic products, it is not only a kind of display products, but also a good crafts, art oh.

2. Acrylic Sign
At present, many enterprises furnishing information, or hotel storage menu place, often used in acrylic crafts signs, it is not only beautiful, and than the general furnishing frame to be strong.

3. Acrylic Wine Box
In order to ensure the furnishing and display of some rare wines, using acrylic is the best choice. In fact, Glass is also a very good display equipment, but the glass is fragile, so currently widely used acrylic wine box.

4. Acrylic Trophy
Acrylic handicrafts, the trophy is the most attractive, it is the same as glass, but more solid than the glass trophy, more exquisite workmanship, so it has become the most attractive acrylic handicrafts.

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