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Acrylic Photo Frame Production Process

Shenzhen Mingyu Crafts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

Acrylic photo Frame is one of the more mature acrylic products, acrylic photo frame is mostly two pieces of acrylic board assembled, two pieces of fixed way into the following processes:

Advertising nail fixed: Two pieces of acrylic board drilling the corresponding hole, and then put the photo in the acrylic corresponding position will decorate nails or decorative nails directly on the acrylic board can be.

Bonding fixed: First cut the acrylic bar, the neat adhesion between the two acrylic plates, so that the middle of the acrylic plate formed a certain space, and then the photo into which the bonding must be clean and neat, do not have bubbles to prevent the impact of beauty.

Magnet fixed: The magnet implanted in acrylic plate, the magnet surface to be flat with acrylic surface, the magnet can not be highlighted, the two pieces of acrylic hole must be symmetrical, do not offset, and then put the photo on the Acrylic Board center can be, stylish and beautiful frame complete!

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