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​how to maintain Acrylic cosmetic display


how to maintain Acrylic cosmetic display

Acrylic cosmetic display is in daily life often see things, especially the function display is very complete acrylic cosmetic is very popular with girls like. So how to maintain our daily modified acrylic cosmetic display? This is a big problem, we Dongguan male cloth display products specializing in the production of acrylic display rack has been for 15 years. Of course, also have certain knowledge and skills of product maintenance, so I was on my Internet users to share in our daily use of acrylic cosmetic display should pay attention to what matters!

1, don't be blinded by the price, bought the wrong acrylic cosmetic display.

2, this product is consumables with the use of materials will wear and tear deterioration according to the use of different degrees of wear and tear in different degrees of deterioration.

3, please don't put the fire and acrylic cosmetic display of high temperature, humid put in place to avoid.

4, pay attention to the identification of material, and do not listen to false propaganda.

5, do not deliberately rub acrylic cosmetic display, does not recommend the use of water.

The secret of remedial measures to prevent the breakage and breakage of the plexiglass display frame:

Some injury 1 tips, acrylic display rack surface surface caused by our acrylic display rack scratches or abrasion on the surface is not very serious in the case of making use of or in the process of transportation, you can try to use a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste wipe or try to use the polishing machine mounted on the wheel or car waxing machine. And with the amount of liquid uniform polishing polishing wax can improve the damage that.

2, although the impact resistance of acrylic display rack is strong, 7~18 times higher than ordinary glass. But it will be damaged under the impact of external force, so we need to handle it carefully in the course of transportation or use.

3. The influence of temperature on the acrylic display rack although acrylic display rack is resistant to high temperature, but the temperature of it is also a limit. So in the process of use, it should be avoided for a long time to place it at high temperature to avoid its deformation.